Things One Must Know Before Writing A Blog

Blog essay

So, you want to start writing your own blog?

Nowadays it is not at all difficult to start a blog. Blogging today is one of the best marketing tools as well as a great source of income. But how to create a blog that is both successful and profitable? Not everyone is good in writing and still wants to start their blogs. If you are one of them, then you can anytime take essay help from professional essay writers. These writers are a great help in writing a perfect essay and help you maintain your blog. But if you really want to be successful in blogging then it is must for you to know few things. What are those things? If you want to know then this article will help you out.

Remember, it needs proper time:

No doubt blogging is one of the best methods to make money online, but remember it is also the hardest one. It needs proper time and effort. It doesn’t grow over night instead you need to give it proper time of yours. There are many times when you publish a post and nobody will read it. Don’t expect the results overnight.

Successful bloggers are one who works on their blogs patiently. It is no doubt, though, but definitely worth it.

Blogging is not at all free:

Blogging platforms such as, Tumblr,, etc.It’s free and easy to use, but there are some limitations on it.

But I you want to enjoy benefits such as larger storage, more design flexibility, etc.Then it is must for you to pay some amount. Usually it will cost around 50/150$ per year.

Once you buy a domain name for yourself, you must need to spend some more money in order to attract traffic. If you want to get more traffic towards your blog, then you must have to make following few investments:

  • Custom development
  • Software
  • Customization of design
  • Marketing and ads promotion
  • Hire professional writers
  • Web hosting

Identify your niche:

A good writer is one who can write on any given topic. But before starting your own blog it is must for you to identify any specific niche and stay focused on that. You can find hundreds of thousands of blogs on every niche and if you want to get traffic then it is must for you to make your blog stand out. Once you identify your niche, choose a good topic to write about. Make sure the topic you choose must be that good that it forces the reader to read it.

Identify your target audience. Who is going to read your blog? Identify their needs and requirements. Once you have an idea about your audience you will be able to choose a good topic to write.

Content is king:

Make sure what you write must be good quality. Your main aim is to attract an audience. Make sure what you post must be informative. Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on quality.

Get yourself social:

Now that you have posted a well written blog on your webpage, what will you do now? Posting it on the webpage and waiting for the audience to read it without any workout is a biggest mistake one makes. For getting traffic, all you have to do is some workout. Get yourself social on different social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Promote your post as much as you can on these networks, but avoid being a spammer otherwise you will be blocked.

Learn to use basic HTML:

With the advancement in technology, today learning about HTML or CSS is no longer necessary; one can easily customize plugins and themes without knowing anything about these codes.

But one must still have some understanding about the basics of HTML, as it will be a big help for professionals as well as non-tech marketers. Once you have an idea about the basic HTML, you can easily be able to edit the look of the articles or you can also fix any errors on the blog.

Learn SEO:

If you have an idea about the basics of SEO, you will easily be able to drive traffic to your blog post. SEO is no doubt very difficult, but if you get some knowhow on it, it will make a huge difference in the future.

Choose a good design:

The design of the blog plays a major role in attracting traffic. Your design can make or break the audience’s first impression.

Today, almost 99% people use a mobile phone in order to use the Internet, therefore it is must that the design you choose must be mobile friendly.


Today, anyone can start a blog, but if you want to make your blog worth reading and want to earn good income from it, then it is must for you to post attractive content with good design. Of course, no one can read ugly blog. Make sure what you write must be good quality and informative.