At, it is our first priority to facilitate our clients as much as possible. Our team of dedicated writers, researchers, editors and proofreaders try to work for the 100% satisfaction of the clients. Our smart quality and control team in association with customer support team works to maintain good relationship with the clients. Despite all of our efforts, some events might still occur which may create unpleasant situations. Our refund policy helps us make things better.

Protection to Collected Information

On this website, we provide writing services to our clients who are required to submit some of their information while filling order form. It might be crucial to collect the info to work on the project assigned by the clients but we ensure maximum protection of all the collected data.

Should You Really Make a Refund Claim?

Just in case you have to make an order cancellation attempt because of some valid or invalid reasons, you should consider taking advantage of our refund policy. On the other hand, if the order gets cancelled by one of our departments, you should still make a refund claim.

Refund Claim Timeframe

  • Situation # 1: Before 24 Hours
    A client places an order on this website but few hours later (not more than 24 hours) changes his mind and goes for cancellation of order, he has greater chance of getting back his full payment.


  • Situation # 2: After 24 Hours
    A client places an order on this website but some hours later (usually after 24 hours) changes his mind and goes for cancellation of order, he has less chances of getting full money back. The partial payment could be refunded in some of the cases.


  • Situation # 3: After 72 Hours
    A client places an order and receives final copy of his essay; he has 72 hours to make a refund claim just in case he does not get satisfaction from the work delivered to him. The chances of getting refunded are quite low but it is still a good option to try your luck.


  • Cumulative Collection
    The other most beneficial method is cumulative strategy which helps us create statistical data including users’ likes, dislikes, favorites, interest, behaviors etc.  This kind of data greatly helps us improve and upgrade our services as per exact requirements, likes and dislikes of the clients, users and subscribers.


What Reasons Are Marked As Valid?

In every case, you must have some strong and valid reason which could support your decision to claim for refund of your payment. It is better to know what reasons are marked as valid and strong because in this way, you can save your time and ours as well. Some strong reasons are as follow:


  • You receive your essay but it seems like a total mess. Everything including textural elements, images and references are organized badly and there are no proper references to the information sources. The shortage of time does not allow you to correct the things and bring them in proper order.
  • You receive your essay but the plagiarism report either provided by us or generated through other trusted systems show a huge amount of plagiarized content and it is almost impossible to deal with it.
  • The opinions, reviews or recommendations given by the writer in your document don’t seem to have strong basis and seem to mislead readers who are looking for accurate source of information.
  • The document contains a huge amount of typing, spelling and grammatical errors which make the document an unauthentic source of information.
  • You find a number of tables and figures placed at different part of the document but all or some parts don’t seem relevant with the facts and figures.
  • There could be various other similar reasons which provide you strong basic to make a refund claim.

What Reasons Are Marked as Invalid?

Sometimes, people decide to make refund claims on the basis of completely insane reasons which could get them nothing but shame. Therefore, one must know that giving invalid reasons would be totally useless. Some examples of such reasons are as follow:


  • I have found some typing mistakes in my essay and thus I am not satisfied with the quality of work.
  • I think the writer does not know the spellings of some words which is quite disappointing for me.
  • I see some sentences are made unnecessarily larger than they should be.
  • At some part of the document, I see little issues with linguistics.
  • I can’t accept the document as accurate because the placement of page number is totally incorrect.
  • There are some eye catchy images but the resolution of those images is not appropriate.
  • I have found a number of issues with the essay.


Note: We strongly advise each client to contact our quality control department to make necessary correction in final version of the document. Just in case, the issues are not resolved, you should contact our dispute resolution department before involving a third party.

Dispute Resolution Department

We have setup our Dispute Resolution Department to ensure amicable solution for all minor to major problems related to our clients. However, we strongly advise everyone not to involve any third party unless we fail to make appropriate settlement to the problem.