A vast majority of internet users show their concerns regarding privacy especially when availing online services where they are often required to reveal some of their important information including personal data. It has become extremely important to ensure 100% satisfaction that the info is not going into unauthorized access. Our privacy policy ensures 100% protection to the privacy of our clients and users.

Protection to Collected Information

On this website, we provide writing services to our clients who are required to submit some of their information while filling order form. It might be crucial to collect the info to work on the project assigned by the clients but we ensure maximum protection of all the collected data.

Different Types of Collected Information

General users, potential buyers or subscribers come up with different orders and queries and thus they are required to submit information accordingly. Most common forms of info that we collect are:

  • Personal info such as name, qualification etc
  • Contact info such as residential address, cell number, email address etc

How Secured is the Method Employed to Collect User Data?

We usually prefer to use more than one method for collection purpose but in every method, the ratio of protection and secrecy is always put on top. Our most popular and of course most secured methods are as follow:


Free Will Submission  The most effective method is Free Will Submission in which clients, buyers, subscribers or general users follow their own will to reveal some of their information. They may:

  • Send us messages
  • Post their comments
  • Share the stories
  • Give their opinions
  • Make suggestions
  • Etc


Cumulative Collection  

The other most beneficial method is cumulative strategy which helps us create statistical data including users’ likes, dislikes, favorites, interest, behaviors etc.  This kind of data greatly helps us improve and upgrade our services as per exact requirements, likes and dislikes of the clients, users and subscribers.

Why Users’ Private Info Collection is Important to Us?

As a service provider, it is our responsibility to gradually improve our services and for this reason we must know our clients as much as possible. Some of the most significant reasons that why the users info is important to us are mentioned below:

  • Order Form Must Contain Necessary Information: The completion of every single order is based on accurate filling of order form. We strongly advise every client to give 100% clear instructions and other details in order form so the order can be carried out accordingly. Sometimes, we might need to contact clients via email, phone or other means of communication.
  • The More You Know, the More You Can Give: We are here to give best of the best to our clients but this is possible only when we know more about likes and dislikes of our clients. Thus, we would like to know more about their choices, interests and behavior to give them best in return.
  • Today’s Popular Choices Helps Us Plan for Tomorrow: We can’t be 100% sure about tomorrow but we can at least predict about tomorrow on the basis of today’s customers choices. The pages that are visited more frequently by the users or the posts that gets more likes or the specific orders that we often receive make calculations on clients activities and on the basis of all such activities, we plan our tomorrow.

Age Limit to use Our Website

Since the submission of private/personal information is a serious matter, we don’t allow users below 18 years of their age to make an agreement with us. However, the parents or legal guardians of such user can come into agreement on behalf of the teenager.


This website is open for every internet users regardless of their age, gender or nationality and thus, we can’t guarantee or be sure about real identity of the users. We make our judgments on the basis of the information that we collect from the clients and such information might be incorrect or wrong. Therefore, we strongly advise every user of this website to avoid following the instructions or intimation from unknown sources including clicks on third party links.