Freelance WordPress Developer

Freelance WordPress developer

Methods in website development have evolved over the years and while people with exceptional skillset were once required by individuals and businesses to design and develop their websites, almost anyone with basic internet knowhow can now make an average website using the content management systems like WordPress. WordPress is a CMS platform that allows website development without knowledge of any programming language or PHP. Nevertheless, having some PHP skills would put you at an advantage and we will see later on why this is the case.

The reason why a CMS allows you to create a website without any significant skillset is that it is full of plugins and ready-made themes that everyone can use either for free or after purchasing them. The plugins are meant to add options and features to the website that can be done via programming and PHP so the pre-requisite of having PHP expertise is waived off. A lot of computer science students who approach academic experts for essay help complain that these cheap WordPress developers without programming knowledge are taking up their opportunities in the freelance markets simply because employers are looking for cheap website development.

Statistics reveal that from the time when CMS was first introduced, there has been a record-breaking boost in the number of freelance WordPress developers. These developers also tend to earn good money but considering how the websites are evolving, it seems like unskilled developers will soon be driven out of the freelance markets. Following are the features with reasons that will make you a good freelance WordPress developer that freelance employers would hire over unskilled people:

  • Knowhow of PHP and custom-made plugins and themes: With the development of extremely advanced websites with the passage of time, the thousands of available plugins might not be the best fit for your website. Individuals and businesses are very particular about the themes and features of their websites and so they might ask you something custom-made for which you will need in-depth knowledge and experience with PHP and other languages.

    Themes are almost always custom-built in websites because the available themes will rarely be the right fit for any business. Hence a good freelance WordPress developer will have the ability to design their own themes and create customized plugins that make a website unique in its own way.

  • Experience and skill set: Regardless of how low the budget is, companies and entrepreneurs are very considerate about the website they are creating. Websites play an important role in business operations because it often is a major source of information for the customers or a platform to trade. Therefore, visitors tend to judge the credibility of a website via the quality. It is for this reason that freelance employers will look for two things in the person best for the job: length of service in this field and the skills that they possess.

    Experience is important because the greater experience would mean that the freelance WordPress Developer has worked on multiple projects that the employers can observe in their portfolio. It also means that they have experienced numerous scenarios and can anticipate certain problems and obstacles beforehand. This makes a developer reliable as compared to someone who just recently started working as a WordPress developer.

    Also, the fact that PHP and programming are skills that people master through practice reinforces that people with higher experience are stronger with these skills. Secondly, some developers would have the greater range of skill set than others and this is also a major determinant of who gets hired for freelancing projects.

  • Creativity over everything else: An essential characteristic of a developer is that they are exceptionally creative. No client asking for a website will spoon-feed you with everything they want to see in their website which means that you have to be creative and visualize what will give a website an attractive look that the client would like. There are a lot of freelance WordPress developers who have matchless experience and skillset but are not as frequently hired simply because their portfolio is not very creative.

    Creativity in this context is the combination of themes, features, interface, and content in a website. Some of the finest developers work on creativity from a very young age by experimenting regularly. Develop sample websites on WordPress and experiment as many times as you can. This will help you figure out the most creative ways of developing a website.

These are the factors that mainly determines who gets hired for a freelancing project. You must focus on these determinants if you wish to get projects instantly. Developers without knowhow of PHP cannot replace someone with experience and skills so they are probably taking minor projects away from you. If you have the skills, aim for bigger projects that clients offer.