Orders to avail our services are placed on this website on everyday basis and sometimes, they are cancelled. The cancellation attempt could be initiated either by the client or by us and there could be variety of reasons. Though, it rarely happens, we always try to avoid the unpleasant situation occurs due to order cancellation call. Our well comprehensive cancellation policy has always been very helpful for us to deal with all kind of circumstances. (We strongly advise all of our clients to read our Cancellation Policy in detail before placing or cancelling an order)

In case of Incomplete/Unclear Information/Instructions on Order Form, the Order Could Be Cancelled from Our Side

We value every client and thus each order placed on this website is equally important to us. On receipt of an order from client, it becomes our first priority to complete it within the agreed/desired deadline. However, it is crucial to have complete and doubtless instructions to carry out the order. If all set to go, the client soon receives a well researched and finely written essay. Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen events could lead to order cancellation such as the following:


  • Incomplete Instructions While you are filling your order form, you must make sure that you have filled out 100% complete and clear instructions to avoid order cancellation.
  • Incorrect Contact Info In case of incomplete or unclear information, we try to contact client via provided contact details such as email address or phone numbers etc. In case the provided details are incorrect, we may immediately decide to cancel order.


(Note: In case an order has to be cancelled due to above mentioned reasons, the client might lose his/her right to receive part or full refund.)

A Period of 24 Hour to Cancel an Order with or Without Suffering from Penalty Shocks

As the usual practice, we reserve 24 hours as “Safe Zone” before initiating work on received orders.  Safe Zone enables both sides to decide cancellation of an order without suffering any kind of penalty. Though, it is not compulsory to make reconfirmation of an order as it is already taken as confirmed, it is good to know penalty free cancellation process

Cancellation without Penalty

Sometimes, a client places an order in hurry and then realizes that it is not the right time to place the order or realizes that the information is not complete he may make a cancellation request within 24 hours without suffering from any penalty. However, this step must be taken within the 24 hours since placement of the order.

Cancellation with Penalty

Just in case the Safe Zone has just gone and you feel the need to cancel your order at this stage, you can go for it but this will be done with penalty shock. Though, we always try to compensate our clients, it is decided by our support team how much penalty could be made on client. The refund greatly depends upon the work done on the project.

Violation of Cancellation Policy

We value our policies and we want every client to respect them in the same manner. The basic purpose of all such policies is to facilitate customers and to maintain a good relationship with them. Thus, we request each individual client to read our cancellation policies before placing an order because in case of violation, we may take strict actions against responsible persons.